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-  Our firm has a legal experience in providing advices with regard to whatever is relevant to the Yemeni Tax Laws in force, particularly, the income tax of the commercial and industrial profits. It further has an experience in providing advices pertaining to obtaining advantages of the tax exemptions that are decided in accordance with the enforced laws.  The firm, furthermore, provides other advices in connection either with the tax statute or the relationship made between companies and competent corps of Tax.

- Our firm gives a legal opinion with regard to particular tax disputes that are taking place between the Tax Authority and taxpayers.

- Our firm represents taxpayers in case a dispute takes place between them and the Tax Authority about the due tax. The said representation shall include different stages of dispute that commence firstly with the amicable settlement procedures of dispute and after that raising an Objection before the Tax Department.  In case the said Objection is being overruled by the said Department and such a decision is insisted upon, then we make an appeal against the said decision before the Appeal Committees of Tax. After that, when required, we shall appeal before the Tax Court, and finally before the Public Property Branch of the Appeal Court that is competent to hear the Appeals applied against the judgments issued by the Tax Court.







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