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Intellectual Property


The firm, generally, provides legal advices with regard to this particular field of practice in accordance with the Yemeni law, particularly, in respect of the required conditions and requirements to register the Intellectual Property rights, in particular, the Trade and Industrial marks as well as the Industrial Samples.

In addition, the firm gives an opinion about the rules governing the trademarks in Yemen that are counterfeited or infringed as well as the required legal procedures that could be taken in case a registered or unregistered trademark is either counterfeited or infringed.  Furthermore, the firm, generally, gives an opinion about the required steps to be taken to protect the right of the trademark proprietor in relation to the trademark that has been infringed in any form.  Furthermore, the firm gives an opinion, based on its experience, about the existence of counterfeit trademarks.

The firm, in addition may, based on a particular power of attorney conferred upon it, undertakes the required procedures to register the trade marks at the Registration Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and to renew such a registration.

Finally, the firm may represents the requesting registrar of the trademark before the Grievance Committee in case the said request of registration is rejected by the Ministry of Industry & Trade, and the firm may also represents the requesting registrar before the competent court in the event of appealing the Decision of the said committee.







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