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Business and Commercial Law


The firm provides various legal services in respect of this particular area represented in the followings:-

-  The firm provides advices, when required, about any of the fields of business, and also about the legal relationships arise between local and foreign parties or between foreign parties themselves, and which are governed by Business laws in Yemen.

- Drafting contracts and agreements that are made between local and foreign parties in relation to commercial transactions taking place in Yemen.

- The firm provides legal services in relation to establishing a particular commercial activity in Yemen, and it further gives an opinion about the legal form required for such an establishment.

-  Undertaking the required legal procedures to register and declare the companies in accordance with the Yemeni law.

-  The firm provides a legal opinion about the fields in which the Yemeni law allows in order to establish branches of foreign companies in Yemen and it further undertakes registering such branches.

- The firm provides a legal opinion about the Distribution relationship made between the local companies (the distributor or agent) and the foreign companies (the principal), and it further gives an opinion about drafting the Distribution Agreements.

-  Undertaking the required procedures to register or remove the Trademarks that are stated in the Agencies Record of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

-  Representing foreign companies in negotiations in case of a dispute takes place in respect of a distribution relationship made with a local distributor.




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